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Can Your Local Bead Store Help You Grow Your Jewelry Business?

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With the growing popularity of beads, most cities have at least one bead store. Bead stores can be a great way for you to earn extra money from your jewelry design talents. As an owner of a bead store, we work with jewelry designers all the time to help them grow their businesses. Here’s how you can make money from your jewelry designs by marketing through your local bead store:

Teach Jewelry Design and Beading Classes

There’s a huge demand for teachers to teach the art of beading and jewelry design. Set up an arrangement with your local bead store whereby you receive 50% of the class fees for each class you teach. The store will be more than happy to accomodate you on this since they make money on class fees AND supplies. If you charge $30 for an hour jewelry design class, you’ll receive $15. If ten students sign up ( and you may have many more), you’ve made $150 for an hour’s work. Not bad! Plus, you’re building a reputation as an expert.

Do a Trunk Show

Do a Trunk Show for your Local Bead StoreAsk if you can set up a trunk with your jewelry designs in the front of the store on a busy Saturday. Offer to give the store 20% of all sales made through the trunk show. Situate your trunk at the front of the store so you can greet customers as they come in. Don’t forget to wear an eye catching piece of jewelry you designed!

Make Unique Pendants to Sell

Use your wireworking skills to create a series of unique pendants out of sterling silver wire and dichroic glass or semiprecious stones. Bead stores are always looking for unique items to carry in their store that no one else has. We have several jewelry designers who make pendants for our store. It’s given them an additional market for their jewelry design talents and allowed us to have unusual pendants that no one else carries.

Design Beading Projects and Kits

Use your jewelry design skills to design unique beading projects. Write up the steps used in designing the project or produce a short video illustrating the technique. Make your instructions or videos available for sale in the bead store. Give the store 20% for each item sold. You can also design the projects around components that the store carries. In this case, they may not ask for a percentage of your sales since you’re promoting sales of items they stock.

Design Bead Store Window Displays

Many bead store owners don’t have the time or talent to design a store window. Offer to do it for them for a fee. Ask if you can display a few of your own jewelry designs in their front window.

Offer a Custom Design Service

Bead stores don’t always have enough personnel to accommodate the demand for custom jewelry design. Offer to provide this service for your local bead store. The customer would choose their beads and you would take on the job of designing and stringing their chosen beads into a finished piece. You can also offer a simple restringing service. This service is quite in demand at our local bead store. I don’t know what we’d do without our independent custom designers and stringers!

I hope this has motivated you to head down to your local bead store and see how it can help you grow your jewelry business!