A Profitable Jewelry Niche: The Spiritual Jewelry Market

I believe your best chance for significant success in the jewelry design world is to have a niche. By having a niche, you establish yourself as a specialist and you  make it far easier and less expensive to reach your audience. Plus, you have a lot less competition. You’re better able to build a brand when your customer is able to say, “So-and-so makes beautiful  _____  Jewelry” as opposed to “So-and-so makes a little bit of everything”.

I was just reading the other day that jewelry with a spiritual or religious theme has become very popular, particularly among teenagers and young adults. This is a nice opportunity for a jewelry designer to specialize and do quite well. Spiritual or religious themed jewelry is still too broad of a category. You might want to narrow it down to jewelry with a new age spiritual theme, Catholic themed jewelry, Christian themed jewelry etc. It’s easy to find interesting spiritual and religious charms and symbols in various materials including sterling silver, gold filled, and base metal.

Jewelry with a spiritual or religious theme can provide you with some unique marketing opportunities. You could easily team up with a local church and provide your jewelry as a fund raiser.  Most churches would welcome the opportunity to raise money for their programs by selling unique, handmade, religious themed jewelry. Many local areas also have periodic festivals featuring a religious theme which would also be a good market for your jewelry designs.

If you choose to design jewelry with a new age theme, local natural food stores and co-ops as well as new age themed stores of all types are an excellent market for your designs. At our local natural food co-op, a variety of local jewelry designers are displaying their spiritual themed jewelry and seem to be doing quite well in terms of sales. In these markets, jewelry with semiprecious stones, gemstones, and natural materials tends to be the best sellers.

You could even be super specialized and target a more narrow niche. How about a jewelry line designed as gifts for children who are about to be christened or baptized? You could set up a website giving information on the meaning of a christening or baptism along with photos of the jewelry you sell.

Another good market for Christian themed jewelry are bookstores specializing in Christian literature. If you’re designing for this market, I would stay away from the more traditional, overmarketed symbols such as crosses and fishes and come up with a unique design that’s not being widely done.

If you offer jewelry with a spiritual or religious theme, it’s important to emphasize the spiritual meaning behind your designs. People purchase this type of jewelry to symbolize something or express a personal belief. I would include a short summary of what your jewelry symbolizes and the meaning that it has. Don’t make your buyer guess what you’re trying to say with your designs.

If you’re considering the religious or spiritual market for your jewelry designs, you’ll find a large and receptive market waiting for you. Why not consider this market if you’re looking for a niche?