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How to Make Your Handmade Necklaces Special!

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The key to selling more of your handmade necklaces is to do the little extras that will make them stand apart from the scores of mass produced jewelry on the market. With jewelry, presentation is everything. Use this to your advantage! Here are seven simple ways to make your handmade necklaces special:

Attach a metal hangtag with your company name to the final jump ring next to the clasp. This will give your necklace a sleek and professional appearance and show you’re a serious jewelry artist.

These tags can be custom made for you by a number of jewelry casting companies and are well worth the price.

Add a beautiful and distinctive clasp to your necklaces. Before you reach for a boring lobster claw, consider how a unique toggle clasp will set your necklace apart and allow you to charge premium prices. You could even have a signature clasp developed and reproduced for you by a jewelry casting company.

Use only the highest quality beads and components. Don’t skimp on quality if you’re trying to build a brand. People will pay more if they know they’re getting the best. Consider the success of such high end designer items as Prada and Chanel.  If you’re looking for a selection of high quality components at good prices, take a look at this site.

Stand behind your workmanship with an iron clad guarantee. Let your customers know if their necklace comes apart, you’ll restring it for free. They’ll feel more comfortable buying from you if they know you guarantee your work.

Display your necklaces in an elegant setting. Use appropriate props in your necklace display such as sand, rocks, flowers etc to create a mood. Customers buy on the basis of emotion. Learn to create a positive mood. Display your necklaces in a way that elicits positive feelings and makes the customer want to be a part of what you have to offer.

Be aware of your pricing strategy. Elegant, higher end jewelry  is rarely priced at a 99 cent suffix such as $69.99. This is a strategy used by discounters and can give your jewelry a negative image. Round your price up to an even $70.00 which is more consistent with the pricing you see in higher end jewelry stores.

Use presentation packaging when you wrap your customer’s purchase. Don’t put an expensive necklace in a zip lock baggy. This demeans your jewelry designs! Invest in some elegant jewelry boxes with cotton bedding for packaging necklace purchases. Don’t skimp on your shopping bags either have them emblazoned with logo to help build your b rand. Attention to detail is critical in the competitive world of jewelry design.

Now you know no less than 7 ways to make your handmade necklaces more special. Give these ideas a test drive and see if they help your necklace sales. Don’t be afraid to try something new. It’s the only way to find out what really works. Best of luck with your handmade jewelry sales.